Murray Roed has been involved with artistic activity as well as writing books about the Geology of the Okanagan Valley since 1995. He also authored a book on the Cayman Islands. Murray invites you to click here to view more on his books, three of which are currently available for purchase, either locally in the Okanagan or through the author himself.

This website offers the opportunity to purchase any number of beautifully detailed geoscape paintings that he has created over the years.

Geoscapes here refers to artistic renditions of geological landmarks. The art represents a wide variety of geologic processes and the resultant landforms that Murray has encountered through international and domestic travel. Cultural features are usually absent in an attempt to display the landforms prior to the appearance of man.

Each original painting at the time of sale is accompanied by a brief essay that explains the geologic significance of the image. The images are in acrylic. They are vivid and different, and align with the artist’s dedication to elucidating the complex events that have affected the land on which we live, and communicating these to the general public.

There is an inventory of over 100 images of Murray Roed’s art. Click here to view a small sampling. The available images include 50 color negatives that are amenable to the production of giclees, at nominal cost.