Murray Roed has either authored or co-authored several books on the geology of the Okanagan Valley, some of which have been on the Best Seller list. Approximately 18,000 of these books have now been printed [Books distributed by Sandhill Book Marketing 250-491-1446]. All revenue from these books has been endowed at Okanagan College and University of British Columbia Okanagan for grants to students (the Kelowna Geology Committee Award).

  • Murray is one of the authors of “best seller” books on “Geology of the Kelowna Area
  • Origin of the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia”, 1995
  • “Okanagan Geology, British Columbia”, 2004,
  • “Okanagan Geology South” 2011
  • 2014 a 3rd edition of “Okanagan Geology, British Columbia”
  • 2017 a second printing of “Okanagan Geology South”.

Two Okanagan geology books co-authored by Murray are currently available locally from Mosaic Books as well as through several wineries and visitors' centres throughout the region. Several of Murray's paintings are featured in the books as well. Printing costs for the Okanagan books have been provided by the Canadian Geological Foundation and numerous local engineering companies for which we are thankful.

Murray also wrote a book on the Cayman Islands called “Islands from the Sea, Geologic Stories of Cayman” in 2006, published by Cayman Press. This book was funded entirely by the kindness and generosity of Ms. Carol Winker, grateful for her life in the Islands. Anyone interested in purchasing this book is invited to contact Murray Roed directly.

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Okanagan Geology

Okanagan Geology, by Murray Roed and John Greenough

Available at Mosaic Books and numerous wineries and Visitor’s Centres throughout the Okanagan

Okanagan Geology

Okanagan Geology South, by Murray Roed and Robert J. Fulton

Available at Mosaic Books and numerous wineries and Visitor’s Centres throughout the Okanagan

Islands from the Sea
Cayman Islands

Brandywine Falls - Whistler, by Murray Roed

Available from Murray Roed